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Welcome to //Tattva Prakasha// (Illumination of Truth). This blog is for those who seek the answers to questions that had been in the thought works of human intellect from time immemorial. The questions that had occupied the minds of cream of the human race. The questions that would lead to salvation of mankind saving them from myriads of illusory carnal cravings. The question that will lead to truth from ignorance.

Come out of untruth to truth and from darkness to ignorance. - Upanishad.


On this blog articles are posted under different categories. As you click on each category on the menu, you will be led to the postings in that category. And also most of the generic postings will be posted on our Truth Groups.Alternatively for a quick category-wise browsing you may look at the the Blog.Your Participation.Your are invited to read the posts, post comments and rate the posts. You may also ask questions pertaining to Absolute Truth at [1] or look at our |Encyclopedia And if you are a truth seeker yourself us to request your participation. ** Categories ** This page will introduce you briefly to all categories. But for details look go to the wiki links.Current IssuesCurrent Issues in news that is related to topics in Tattva Prakasha.Issues in ScienceThese are articles in news that exposes the fallability of Science.Self RealisationArticles pertaining to the ultimate goal of all knowledge.Inter ReligiousArticles on other bonafide religion and its comparison with Sanatana Dharma.Vedic ScienceArticles on Scientific Knowledge from the oldest source of wisdom the Vedic literature.Puranic CosmologyDiscussions on similarities and differences between Modern astronomy and their Puranic counterparts.Vedic PhilosophyDiscussions on topics related to Vedas and Vedanta.**Thoughts to ponder "O conqueror of wealth (Arjuna), there is no truth superior to Me (Lord Krishna). Everything rests upon Me, as pearls are strung on a thread. (Bhagavad Gita 7.7)